Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bass Ads?

Bass Ads is a photo / video classified website designed so that Bass Fishermen have a cost effective easy to use way to sell or buy used bass fishing tackle and used bass boats.

Is it free to Create an Account?

Yes, creating an account is free.

How do I Create an Account?

Just go to the Home page and Click on Create Account and follow the instructions.

How much do ads cost?

Bass Boats Free One Boat per Ad 
Boat Accessories Free One Accessory per Ad
Electronics Free One Piece of Electronics per Ad
Shallow Water Anchors Free One Shallow Water Anchor per Ad
Trolling Motors Free One Trolling Motor per Ad
Outboard Motors Free One Outboard Motor per Ad
Fishing Kayaks Free One Kayak per Ad
Trucks Free One Truck per Ad
Lures Free Singles Lures or Lots allowed in one Ad

Are all ads Free?

Yes, for the grand opening of Bass Ads all Basic Ads are Free and include 5 free photos. Any additional ad options someone selects for their ads will also be free. You can view the ad options on our Ad Rates and Rules page.

Do all ads come with 5 Photos?

Yes, all ads come with 5 Free Photos.

Can I Sell New Lures?

Yes, you can sell new lures on Bass Ads.

Can I Sell New Bass Boats?

No, at this time New Bass Boats are Not Allowed for Sale on Bass Ads.

How do I Post an Ad?

To post an ad you must first create an account, then log into your account. Next, click on the text that says "Post an Ad". Then pick the category that best fits what you are selling click on it and then fill out your information and press process ad.

When will my ads post?

During the grand opening free ad period of Bass Ads, ads WILL NOT automatically approve. Ads will be approved everyday throughout the day. Do not panic!

How do I Upload Photos?

Click on the "Browse" button. Then select an image from your pictures and click on it. Then click on the button marked "Upload Image" located to the right of the button marked "Browse". Repeat the process till you have all five of your images uploaded.

How do I Upload a Video?

To upload videos to Bass Ads you must first upload your video to YouTube, after you have uploaded your video to YouTube go to your video on YouTube. Next, go to your web browser at the top of the page and copy the information. (Example: then paste it in the space marked "YouTube Video" Now scroll down the ad form page and mark "Yes" next to "Include YouTube video in your online ad: $25.00"

Can I just include a Link to YouTube in my ad?

No, you cannot include a link to any videos in the text portion of your ad.

Can I Edit my Ads?

Yes, you can edit your ads at any time. Just log onto to your account, scroll down to Your Current Ads. At the far right side of the page will be two buttons, one "Mark Sold" one "Edit" click on "Edit" and it will take you to your original ad posting page. Then edit your ad and click process and you're done.

How do I Mark an Ad Sold?

To mark your ad sold. Just log onto to your account, scroll down to Your Current Ads. At the far right side of the page will be two buttons, one "Mark Sold" one "Edit" click on "Mark Sold" and you're done.

How do I contact someone at Bass Ads?

You cannot call Bass Ads at this time. We are monitoring the sight day and night. For help please email us by viewing our contact us page. If we cannot answer your question or help you by email, we will email a number that you can call us at. We will return your email as soon as possible it may take a few minutes or a few hours depending on how many people are being helped in front of you.

How much do Banner ads Cost?

Banner ads prices vary depending on size and location on the website. During our first year we will be offering small banner ads for $50.00 a month and large banner ads for $100.00 a month. Special product placement on home page will be $200.00 per month.


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Bass Fishing and Bass Tournament Fishing are as popular as ever. The buying and selling of used bass boats, used bass fishing rods, reels, trolling motors, fish finders and new, used & custom lures is why Bass Ads was created. is for both weekend and tournament bass fishermen to buy and sell lures, rods, reels and used bass boats and equipment. is working hard to be the number one place to buy or sell tournament quality used bass boats and equipment.

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